Walking with Donkeys

Go for a ramble and discover the countryside.

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A donkey-drawn carriage

Take the weight off your feet !
Go for a ride in a donkey-drawn carriage.

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Donkeys on the loose !

In the countryside.

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Typical Scenery

Find out more about the countryside.

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Walking with Donkeys - for your family or friends

Come and meet us, in our small village situated in the Seven Valleys, bring your family or friends, spend a few hours or days experiencing life at a donkey's pace !

Setting off on your own or with a guide, but always with a donkey at your side, is one sure way of having an enjoyable time when out walking - especially if children are around !
Whether on holiday, or just away for the weekend - they will love spending time with this animal which seems to have stepped straight out of a story book.

Along paths and rivers, past châteaux, through forests and villages, your donkey will be a steadfast companion, carrying your baggage, following you without a care wherever you lead, allowing you to follow your dreams.

You will travel at 3 to 4 kms an hour, walking at a donkey's pace, armed with your own map and instruction manual about how to look after your long-eared friend. Various walks leaving from Ruisseauville are on offer. And of course, before you leave,  we spend some time with you preparing the donkey, so that you know all you need to know about looking after him, and you are comfortable in his company !

Walks or Discovery Trails

Unaccompanied Walks

Walks with a Guide

Relaxing Weekends


Introducing the 'A Petits Pas' Donkeys

Twenty donkeys of different breeds and types are waiting to meet you in Ruisseauville : a donkey from Poitou, the big black from Berry, one from Cotentin, and Provence, the  piebald from Ireland. Our donkeys are aged between 4 and 23.

To download our presentation on the 'A Petits Pas' donkeys : click HERE.


Hiring a Donkey

To find out how much it costs to hire our donkeys, click HERE.

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Reservation Form for Walks

Print off form, then complete and return to us.

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