The various people and groups who can benefit from a pottery session


Teenagers, children, adults, the elderly : are all welcome on a pottery workshop either here in Ruisseauville, or at your own venue :


We offer tuition for :

- nursery schools (eg for a project based on "figures")
- primary schools (eg to create the characters and props for a story written in class, or to produce bowls for eating out of, in connection with a 'food' project )
- CLIS classes ( eg in carrying out a collaborative, fun exercise on the theme of 'donkeys')
- Parent and Toddler groups ( making mobiles, or a family tree )

   We can also offer tuition :
- in retirement homes (eg to create sculptures,  vases etc)
- in groups trying to integrate the young into the workplace ( eg on the theme of the 'portrait')
- in CLSH activities
- for groups of disabled adults ( eg working to produce an exhibition on themes such as 'Africa', 'Water', 'Festivals', 'Travel' , 'the Farm'  ...)
- Activities based in a library (creation of 'the reader', or a portrait of the hero in a book)

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