Our Mission Statement, which indicates our Values

We strive :

- to provide a warm welcome in a setting of High Environmental Quality, to help develop practices which lead to sustainable development; to highlight the importance of the rural environment; to show an appreciation of manual know-how and skills, whilst recognising and valuing the contribution of every individual; and to create the conditions whereby individual and group creativity can flourish.

- to lead activities, create, go walking, exchange, build a coherent, global approach and help others develop their own skills and practices; and to network with like-minded organisations and individuals in France and elsewhere, acknowledging and celebrating plurality and diversity of activity Fifa 15 Crack.

- to develop, in a specific area , greater movement between different locations and centres of activity; by trying out different means of expression ( pottery, music, handicrafts ) in partnership with : clubs and associations, artisans, and private individuals.

- to improve relationships between the generations Metin2 mobber hack ( families, children and young people ); create links and promote exchanges between town and country; breakdown social barrriers, better comprehend and at the same time become more open to the world of the disabled;Asphalt 8 hack connect with local people and organisations Metin2 yang hack.

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