Our Teaching Method

How you learn to express yourself through pottery

In one of our creative pottery sessions you will learn the following :
- to ' do your own thing' without worrying about competing or 'performing'.
- that this is an educational activity, to develop a sense of achievement and pride in work well done.
- that this is a creative activity which allows you to express yourself, and to grow through producing something you have created from start to finish.

By working with clay :

- you learn about space and volume,
- you develop patience, and learn more about the balance between matter and form,
- you revel in your own ability to create and construct, and wonder at the object which emerges from the kiln,
- you realise the extent of your knowledge and that of others is vast, and you marvel at how much there is to yet to explore, leading you to set yourself far greater challenges than before ..

The group leaders are determined to :

- attach importance to the development of each participant's skills, through the learning of techniques appropriate to the age and abilities of each individual.
- treat each participant as an individual and help and encourage everyone to become an autonomous learner, and to develop his or her own potential without fear of being judged or compared.
- show each participant that learning can be fun, and that everyone is free to use the clay in such a way as to push his or her own boundaries. 

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